Nick Chowlia is a recognized producer who is responsible for engineering some great music on the local and international scene. Originally from Birmingham, England and now residing in Vancouver; Nick’s passion for music is boundless and his influences vary from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

The man behind the En Karma sound, the firestarter for many careers! AND this is just a teaser for what is to come from Nick - other projects that are ready to be unleashed include En Karma's 2nd album - Tohar Naal Jeena, Raju Johal - Vancouver's new superstar, Gagan Sharma's Ambitions, Juggy Bajwa, Luv Randhawa and more projects that cannot be named!!.

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After the Worldwide smash hit 'Dhol Te', Luv Randhawa has once again teamed up with talented producer Nickchowlia for his latest release TVK. 

For the very first time ever, a Canadian, and an American artist have collaborate to make a Bhangra Track. You will be pleased with the North American offering of these two power house vocalists and entertainers. 

Luv Randhawa has teamed up with International Bhangra singing sensation Bikram Singh for his latest offering titled Tohar Vekh Hai. Luv Randhawa is a Bhangra artist best known for his debut solo hit, Livin' It Up which was released in 2011. One year later, Luv Randhawa's newest single, Dhol Te has escalated to the top position in the world music chart. 

Energy, beats, rhythm - Without a doubt, Luv brings audiences to their feet. He remains steadfast for his love of Punjabi music. 
Music producer & radio host Nick Chowlia has collaborated with over 30 prominent names from the music scene in North America to produce and mastermind this unique religious project. ‘Guru Maneo Granth’ is probably the largest collaboration ever released and highlights the talents of singers and musicians from the Punjabi music industry in Vancouver.

“It’s been a personal goal for me and I’d like to thank all my brothers and sisters who have played an important role in helping me put this single together. It’s a very small token of appreciation to the Sikh Panth,” explained Nick, “the essential elements of the track are not solely based on the sacred hymns of the Sikh Gurbani, but also incorporate the basic harmony of spiritualism which will appeal to all types of faiths and beliefs”.
‘Guru Maneo Granth’ carries a deep philosophic message with a focus on educating and empowering today’s youth about the fifth largest religion in the world, Sikhism.
‘Guru Maneo Granth’ will be released - FREE DOWNLOAD during Vaisakhi in April 2013 to coincide with the 314th celebration of the Khalsa Panth being founded.  A video to support the song is also airing around the same time and will feature all of the artists and musicians who have contributed towards the soundtrack.
Luv Randhawa has called up the cream of the crop of North American talent for this very special collaboration. Featuring on ‘Dhol Te’ is Inder Kooner (Lead vocalist of Bhangra band ‘En Karma’), Raju Johal (Nachna Pasand) &Gagan Sharma (Pyar Hoygeya). Completing the special collaboration are the production talents of Nick Chowlia.

Having released his debut single ‘Livin’ It Up’ last year, he was determined to return on a bigger and better scale! Keeping strong to its traditional Punjab roots ‘Dhol Te’ sees collaboration between genres! ‘Dhol Te’ delivers an up-tempo party track that is destined to become a floor filler!

Set for a iTunes release on December 6th, ‘Dhol Te’ will see it’s official video release at ‘Bombay Bliss’ at Club 560, Vancouver on 20th December featuring a live performance from Bhangra sensation H-Dhami, who states; ‘Im coming to Van City to celebrate the launch of ‘Dhol Te!’

Speaking on this very special collaboration, Luv Randhawa states; ”Dhol Te will definitely get you on your feet dancing, a track that can be played at any party function! A collaboration of North America's best talent with the traditional beats of the Punjab and the urban sounds of the UK - much love and respect to all listeners”
Childhood is the most precious phase of human life. It is a stage of age when one is free from the worldly responsibilities & worries. As a person grows older, the life becomes more complicated and the attitudes more complex.

The song has been penned by Vijay Vaibhav Saini & sung by a budding artist & RED FM Idol finalist, Parmjot Singh. The music has been rendered by Nick Chowlia (En Karma fame). Everything from Vijay's meaningful lyrics to Parmjot's expressive voice and Nick's melodious music touches the heart of the listeners.

"Agreeing to sing this song was a no-brainer", said Parmjot. Nick also echoed Parmjot's comments. He said, "As soon as I heard the lyrics, I was really touched by the words and it was an easy decision to get on board."

The idea of writing this song struck Vijay after he had a regular telephonic conversation with his mother in India. "As soon as the conversation finished, I felt this sudden rush of ideas in my head", said Vijay. "I started writing & completed the it the same day", he added.

Though Vijay has been writing poetry for a while, 'Bachpan' is the first song written by him, it is slated to be Parmjot's first official single & promises to catapult Nick Chowlia in to the genre of soft/emotional Punjabi music.

Incidentally, Vijay, Parmjot & Nick, all left their home for a foreign land at a young age. Perhaps that's why all three feel a very strong connection to the theme of the song & hope their listeners would share similar feelings as well...

Off the heels of amazing fan feedback from the recently released debut solo single ‘Livin It Up!’ Luv Randhawa is thrilled to announce the launch of the official music video. This video promises to have you entertained and dancing in no time, while showcasing not only Luv’s energetic stage style but his vocals, musical influences and all-star collaborators.

Luv Randhawa, better known simply as Luv in the music industry, is a Vancouver based Punjabi vocalist. Having travelled the world as part of the Bhangra band Signia, he recently embarked on a solo career launching with the single Livin It Up! With a distinct style composed of his various musical influences, including Bhangra, Hip-hop, Rock and Electronica, Luv’s passion is to create dance music filled with infectious beats and to bring audiences, young and old, to their feet.

“I take this next chapter in my musical career very seriously. My goal is to make you dance, jump and forget your worries. I truly believe music is a universal language, a language of love and enjoyment!”

Having been in the industry for years, Luv has surrounded himself with an all-star team. The lyrics for Livin It Up! were written by Johnny Josan, writer of ‘Shera Di Kaum’ from the new film Breakaway starring Russell Peters. Livin It Up! also features local stars Sanjay Seran of Delhi to Dublin fame, as well has EV from A-Slam Music Productions. The track was produced by local music producer, Nick Chowlia, who has composed some of the biggest Bhangra stars locally and internationally and is a member of the band En Karma.